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Meet Jody

Jody has had a passion for healing and helping people all her life. Not knowing where she fit in Jody worked in the medical field for 27 years until she opened her Holistic wellness Centre in Lindsay Ontario with Nancy a close friend of hers. (Calm Surrender)

Jody blocked her spiritual abilities for many years. It was after practicing many of her energy infused Champissage (Indian head massage) that she started to see colour and quickly related that to chakras (Energy Centers). After many validations from her clients, she began to open her self up to channel spirit.


This rapidly developed into mediumship where she found she was connecting people to their passed loved ones.


As Jody began sharing her gift as a psychic medium, the response to her messages blew her away.

As a medium, Jody receives strong feelings and images. This often leads to healing, humorous and fulfilling moments. Jody also has the ability to channel not only passed loved ones but those here in the physical. She not only connects through intentional channeling but at times what she refers to as “drop in spirit” where she has a sense of urgency to contact people, validating their current situation and delivering messages from spirit.


Jody believes people are not always given what they are seeking but often what they are in need of in the moment. She delivers all visions spirit shares with her clients. Jody can connect through phone,video and in person. Jody is on a journey around the world to reunite as many people as possible to their guides and passed loved ones.

Jody has Channeled in...

Ajax - Alberta - Australia - Baltimore - Belleville - Boston - Bowmanville -  British Columbia - Calgary - California - Collingwood - Dubai - Edmonton - Florida - Georgia - Guelph - India - Italy - Kingston - Kitchener - Lindsay - London - Mexico - Midland - Montreal - Newmarket - New York - Niagara - Oakville - Orillia - Oshawa - Ottawa - Peterborough - Picton - Pickering - Phillippines - Port Perry - Quebec - Texas - Toronto - Vancouver - Waterloo - Welland - Whitby

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